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My name is Jen (I'm the one in the Dino costume) and I am the owner of Glow in the Dark Blankets.


My store came about in 2019 when I was looking for a birthday gift for my dinosaur loving nephew and I couldn't find anything I loved or he didn't already have or something that someone else might find at the big box stores. 

I wanted to get him something unique, something he might use every day, something fun. So, I got him a glow in the dark dinosaur t-shirt - such an aunt gift. 

That night he was wearing his shirt as we were having a camp out in my sister's living room. Curled up under his blanket he wasn't able to see is shirt glow. 

The next morning I asked him if he would like a glow in the dark blanket with dinosaurs on it, and boy was he EXCITED!

We spent the next few months making a design. Both my nephews, then 6 and 4 had a lot of input (ok ALL the input) on which dinosaurs should go on the blanket, how big they should be, and what color blanket we should get - my 3 year old niece originally wanted purple : )

After a few months of tweaking the design and getting them manufactured we finally had them here, and boy were they excited to see them! 

Their blankets go every where with them. Long car rides to my parents' house, camping trips, sleep overs, family vacations you name it. And they LOVE to see it glow. 

I love their love for dinosaurs, their creativity, their excitement, their ability to pronounce all the crazy dinosaur names. It makes it all worth it.

That's about it. If you can't find us we are probably running around the house with T-Rex arms.

Catch ya around!