Why won't my blanket glow?

If your blanket isn't glowing it's probably due to your light source. They glow best if kept under a bright light (white LED lights are the worst) for at least 15 min. Make sure the room is dark and give it a minute to brighten up.


How long will it glow for?

Depends how long it was in direct light. They tend to glow for at least 1/2 an hour.


Can you wash it?

yes. we recommend washing it on cold and using low temp in the dryer


Why are there yellow warning tags on the PJs?

There is a 1975 federal rule concerned that children's sleep wear could easily catch fire if a child came too near a small flame. Without getting into the politics of it, kid's pajamas can either be flame-resistant or snug fitting.

Tight-fitting/snug pajamas are considered safe and less flammable because fires need oxygen to burn. 

More information from the CPSC: https://www.cpsc.gov/s3fs-public/5132.pdf



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